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How to choose the knowledge of jade lanyard keychain?

How to choose the knowledge of jade lanyard  keychain?
Many friends buy jade, do not know what kind of lanyard to wear when choosing, a good jade pendant must wear a matching lanyard to perfect.

Nowadays, several common ropes are used in the market. The HANDMADE WOVEN lanyard have a beautiful appearance. The tether is also rich in color. Common colors are red, green, blue, brown, yellow and black in seven colors. The lanyard also has the coarse, fine, single chain, multi strand and so on.

The Chinese people have a special interest in the Red Cross. Red is a symbol of jubilation, especially during the Spring Festival of Chinese traditional festivals. The bright red lanyard, the red Goblin. Some people like black cords. Black gives people a sense of depth. It is an eternal fashion color. This is the color man prefers to use. It's not red and black. It feels gentle and tranquil. Usually the children use multicolor lanyard, especially the birthday jade, especially the multicolored lanyard.

It can also be worn according to its five elements, such as yellow, red, blue, symbol of soil, fire, water and three elements. "The book of Rites" said: "BAE BAEU emperor and Xuan Zang, the public Hou Shanxuan, Qiu Qun, the Qing Dynasty doctor water cosmos and the Qin group, the Qin group," this sentence means that the emperor wears white jade and wears black silk ribbon; the princes wear it with black silk thread; the doctor wears a blue silk thread; the doctor wears a pure silk lanyard. Scholars need to use variegated silk to use jade clothes.

The jadeite jacket accounts for the largest proportion of jadeite jewelry. In the Hongkong market, jade diamond inlaid diamonds are common and are inlaid with platinum diamonds. Experts call them "flower heads" and wear a white gold necklace. Stronger. Domestic collectors like to wear weave ropes. This artistic style is famous for its simplicity and clarity.

As early as the Warring States period, wearing jade had more attachment, and gave them a certain concept or symbolic meaning, so that they played the role of TOEFL auspicious and conveys feelings. For example, "concentric knot", "knot", "ten knot", "good luck knot", "longevity Festival" and so on.

The use of cords and beads in various materials is also a common method in Arts and crafts. Agate beads, red, black, white and other colors, transparent, cheap, but low grade, suitable for medium and low iron cultivation. Coral beads, bright colors and poor transparency, are suitable for green, ordinary (opaque) high-grade jade jades. Red dragonfly and yellow Dragonfly beads are transparent, and the colors are not bright, and the grades are not high. It is suitable for the collocation of green, middle and low grade jade.

Advanced jadeite is sometimes used only in primitive art. It highlights the beauty of jadeite itself, sometimes Pink Tourmaline and jade beads.  Translucent tourmaline has high transparency and bright color, which makes up for the shortage of high green and ancient jade varieties. Gao Cui Feng is also expensive and suitable for high-end iron culture.